Look for the New Jordans 2017 Shoes to release

With the good news never going alone, the New Jordans 2017 is at the top of the top 10 of the biggest sales in 2016. For the first time in 10 years, a Nike model does not rank high. How to explain such a change? The model to which Run DMC dedicated a title sticks perfectly to our era dominated by a feeling of nostalgia. The German firm has taken advantage of the tendency of the retro sneaker that is not ready to stop. Of course not, the brand at Swoosh remains the leader even though he has given ground to Adidas. The current dynamic is clearly in favor of the German label. Remember that Flyknit and Primeknit arrived almost at the same time.
A great Jordan Shoes 2017 innovation, is not it? The Futurcraft will revolutionize the industry because of the speed of its production. Other brands will soon have to adjust. What will be Nike's answer? Certainly Adidas seems to be one step ahead but underestimate Mark Parker. The Vapormax has just arrived. Like the Shox in its time, air cushion running is going to need time to win over the public. He often plays in favor of the innovations of the Oregon firm. It is clear that Futurcraft has no rival at the moment. The 3D-printed running has a resin-based outsole shaped by light and oxygen.Nike's response is expected in the coming months and this may be bleeding. Should we bury Nike for that?
A few years ago a custom made Jordan 11 Beach Gold was born, which was called the White Cement. Today the colors will see the light and it will be for this autumn.The design shown here Friday was of course modeled on Air Jordan 4 with the same name. So we have a white leather upper which is set in a white black sole with cement accent (that's what the name implies). There is also a black tongue with a red back and Jumpman. Black is also lining.In any case, the sneaker game is more thrilling than ever.Even more with the Futurcraft 4D in the fall, which will benefit from a wider spread in 2018.

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