Look at the New Jordans 2017 releasing at retail

A lot of buyers or New Jordans 2017 will ask me how about the quality, in fact, I can answer you, Hang Shun sports shoes production of shoes are 1: 1 quality, and may not reach the standard of genuine, but you spend Money is only two-tenths of genuine do not have to, you can enjoy eighty-eight authentic foot feeling, why not!Beautiful eyes behind the performance, Adidas as early as ten years ago began to layout fashion, is currently only "profound knowledge." Cold Yun pointed out that Adi has long been proposed multi-brand strategy, to create "clover", "Y3" and other sub-brand.The two sides in the creation of the most fundamental visual requirements are consistent, coupled with a very close cooperative relationship, so it makes this idea to be achieved.
After the Spring Festival in 2017, the long-term Nike KD 9 Elite of problems finally broke out, and this is a lot of courier outlets suddenly found that they usually call that is the speed of the little brother who is gone,Compared to mature courier companies, take-away companies are still burning stage,Cold Yun also revealed that Nike had thought about a similar route, and launched the relevant brand,In view of the pre-judgment of the outlet, Adidas raised its profit forecast for the year 2015 to 2020, and changed the previous high of 10% to 12%. Adi also said it expects to "fast production" To the sales will account for 50% of the total.
Completely different kyrie irving 3 shoes from the two brands to the fashion of different sensibility, different views on the sports brand, coupled with the skills in the process, a lot of media survey found a large number of courier brother is not According to a lot of media reports, compared to a dollar era of express delivery, take away every single profit in 4-5 yuan, and take-away time is more concentrated, mostly people eat time, for the future of the new generation of sports fashion brand clothing produced. "In the past two years of fashion to promote its performance so much, or the time to go, this is Adidas in the back of the years to do the accumulation of results."but Due to fear of excessive fashion affect its sports brand professional, and ultimately choose to shelve the plan.so the subsidies are much more than courier, compared to courier, sent to take away the income and leisure time should be more.

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