Animus with characters from Revelation Online

NetEase's Revelation Online activated alternation will be aired in China starting from April 26th. A new bivouac has been released.The account that NetEase was animate on a Revelation Online activity came endure year. It was said that the activated alternation was fabricated in cooperation with revelation online gold Sparkly Key Activity Studio.

There is no advertisement as for if the activity will access an English version.It tells a adventure of adulation and animus with characters from Revelation Online as its heroes and heroines.Revelation Online's aboriginal aloft amend Stardust has accustomed to Nuanor. This amend includes the new Brotherhood vs Brotherhood map Starshatter Island, and Faerie’s Funland map.

Faerie Funland is a abode area humans from all about Nuanor can yield allotment in assorted mini-games. It is alone attainable alert a week. One of the prizes in Faerie's Funland is the a lot of approved cheap revelation online gold charcoal in all of Nuanor - the best golden-tier adornment in Revelation Online.

For more news about Revelation online,welcome to playerhot.

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