Why Yoga is different from Tai Chi: yoga mat bag – yoga backpack


Why Yoga is different from Tai Chi: yoga mat bag – yoga backpack

People are becoming caught up between choosing yoga or Tai chi. I can relate with them because both exercise programs trains the mind and body. Let’s take closer look at what the yoga program offers and who it is for and then do the same for Tai chi. Yoga is a unique exercise program that originated from the ancient Indian culture, practices by over 12 million people around the world, it has since become more popular than other exercise program.
The yoga exercise program focuses on the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is not just exercising; it is actually the way of life. People are beginning to embrace the life style and culture of yoga, because it comes with an entire package. This also influences eating habit, bathing habits; even the way to interact with people becomes more of a conscious approach. Yoga is filled with different poses that target different areas, while healing the mind and body.
Yoga accessories like yoga backpack or Backpack with yoga mat holder are made specifically for yoga activities. Tai chie on the other hand originates from the Chinese culture, an ancients Chinese discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. It is an old martial art that descends from qigong. Though it is classified as a martial art, it does not require physical contact with someone. It focuses on the mind and body.
It emphasizes balance and concentration, such that the slow and repeated moves, builds concentration. Added value to this program is that it also builds strength, flexibility and balance. It benefits people who have some medical conditions like hypertension, stress, anxiety arthritis and also people who have sleep problems. The movement practiced in tai chi is influenced by internal energy. It is a program that is geared towards self-defense, teaching the mind to neutralize a greater external factor through the use of small amount of energy. The tai chi is known for 3 popular styles, which is Yang, Wu and tai chi chih.
They include a total of 24 movement in it simple from and 108 movements in the traditional form. These three styles, though similar is a number of ways, has some differences. The Wu styles is similar to the Yang style, the difference though is that it is more of a gentler style of tai chi, because it uses a narrower stance with the keen not quite bent. It has 24 to 36 movements in its short form and a hundred movements in the traditional form. The tai ci chih on the other hand has 20 movement and also has a higher stance, The tai chi are not so different.
For beginners, it will be best to start off with wu because it uses high narrower stance and this helps improve balance, which is what every beginner needs to have. This is same for yoga. Both exercise program can be practiced by anyone. It is only wise to seek advice from your doctor before engaging in such exercise program.

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